Prof. Mohammed Baig, born on 10th August, 1948, joined the University on 18th July 2006, as Professor and retired as Professor in the Department of Urdu on 31st August, 2013.


Sri Ramanjia Swami Y.V, born on 14th August, 1953, joined the University on 23rd November as Personal Assistant and retired as Deputy Registrar in the Department of Finance & Accounts on 31st August, 2013.


Sri Saradhi D.P.V, born on 1st September, 1953, joined the University on 05th December 1976, as Junior Office Assistant and retired as Assistant Registrar on 31st August, 2013.


Sri M Ratnasekhar born on 15th August 1953 joined the University on 15th November as Junior Technician (Electrical) and retired as Senior Technician (Electrical) on 31st August, 2013.


Smt Rajeshwari N.L.K, born on 14th August 1953, joined the University on 08th August 1977, as Primary Teacher and retired as Primary Teacher on 31st August, 2013.