A three-day Conference-cum-Workshop was organized by the Department of English, University of Hyderabad (UoH) and The US Consulate General, Hyderabad on “Teaching and Researching America Literary and Cultural Studies”  at the UoH on 18th March 2013 at the School of Humanities, UoH. The three-day conference will have sessions on Study of American Literature, American Poetry, Approaches to African American Fiction, International Relations and American Studies, Teaching the American Popular, Body and Land in American Writings etc.


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Dr. Matt Donahue with Mr. Gurdit Singh of the US Consulate General, Hyderabad

Dr. Matt Donahue who will be taking sessions in the conference was present at the inaugural session. He has a PhD in American Culture Studies and is a musician, artist, writer, filmmaker, archivist, folklorist and educator in the field of popular culture. Matt has been a fixture in the metal/punk crossover scene in the Midwest of the United States and currently has two albums out with his MAD 45 project. He is the producer, director and writer of the award winning documentaries “Motorhead Matters” and “The Hines Farm Blues Club”. His visual art and art cars use popular culture materials as the basis for his artistic creations, which have been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States. He is the author of the books “I’ll Take You There: An Oral and Photographic History of the Hines Farm Blues Club” and “Taking It to the Streets: An Art Car Experience”.


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Mr. Gurdit Singh from the US Consulate, Hyderabad said that they have seen Indian academician having more knowledge and insights into American studies.  Mr. Singh also said that all the participants must benefit from this workshop and contribute innovative and creative syllabi for teaching American studies.


Prof. Murali Manohar, Head, Department of English, School of Humanities gave a brief introduction of the English Department and highlighted its achievements to the participants.


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Dr. Pramod K Nayar, Co-coordinator of the conference said that this conference was proposed by the US Consulate and it was a challenge for him and Dr. Anna Kurian to organize the same. Dr. Nayar said that the focused on teaching and research which will help in designing syllabi for teaching American. More than 22 participants from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha are taking part.


Prof. Amithaba Das Gupta, Dean, School of Humanities presided over the inaugural session.