Prof. J. Prabhakar Rao, Director e-Learning Centre at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been invited to participate in the first-ever Global expert Meeting on “Multilingualism in Cyberspace for Inclusive Sustainable Development” which will take place in Russia from June 04 – 09, 2017.

The meeting is organized by Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for ALL Programme (IFAP) and the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. The meeting will discuss on various issues related to promotion of multilingualism in cyberspace and its contribution for sustainable development and inclusive growth. This meeting is significant for India as there is a need to protect multilingualism using extensively cyberspace and also in the context of initiative taken by Govt. of India to promote e-Education in India under “Digital India Programme”.

The meeting will be attended by 100-110 experts from 50 countries representing all continents. Prof. Prabhakar Rao will be presenting a paper on “Education in India and Indian Languages in Cyberspace”. He will also hold discussions on possible collaboration in the areas of linguistics and e-Learning.

Prof. Prabhakar Rao’s areas of research interest include Linguistics, Translation Studies, Foreign Language Teaching, Higher Education in India and e-Learning. In 2012, Prof. Rao was awarded honoris causa by Krasnodar State University of Arts and Culture, Russia and Honorary Visitor Medal by Kazan State University, Russia. Prof. Rao is the Visiting Professor to many Universities in Europe and Asia and also steering committee member and involved in an India-EU Project (2009–2012) on establishing the “Centre for Contemporary India Studies and Research” at University of Warsaw, Poland. Currently he is faculty Coordinator of India-EU project on Enhancing Quality, Governance and Access to UG Education in India (2013-2017).