Prof Appa Rao Podile, Vice-Chancellor, UoH meet Alumni of University of Hyderabad (UoH) in Washington, D.C and Maryland, USA recently. He gave details of recent achievements of the University for developing research, interaction between university and Industry and the development plans for the next 5 years.

The Alumni of the University are working in science research, industry drug designing, clinical trials, and in various capacities at the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Cancer Institutes and also Directors of start-up companies engaged in biology/biotechnology applications. Some of our alumni are working for NIH, FDA, and EPA also in different capacities at senior level.  They have expressed interest to bring back some of their current experience for the benefit of India at large and UOH in particular.

It was also a special occasion for a couple of faculty members, who served UOH earlier, and now working for either federal government or in industry in DC, Virginia, Baltimore area.

Prof. Appa Rao said that University welcomed the alumni to interact with their respective mentors and/or students to help in the development of UoH. The alumni were happy to know about the developments in the University and expressed their interest to contribute in its success and growth. It was a great meeting where people associated with university since 1985 now had a chance to meet and rejoice the growth of their institution. All of them were proud of being part of the great University.